Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Patient Information Sheets

  • PICF (Patient Informed Consent Form)

  • Questionnaires for patients and physicians

  • Case report forms (CRF)

  • Monitoring reports

  • Ethical and GCP/ICH documentation, training sheets, etc.

Health and Medical
  • Medical reports
  • Medical terminology glossaries

  • Instruction manuals and technical sheets for medical devices

  • Reports/proceedings for congresses

  • Didactical material for training

  • Scripts for health and medical broadcasts

  • Medical guidelines and regulatory reports

Pharmaceutical Field
  • Drug information sheets
  • Market authorisations

  • Stability and activity reports

  • Documents and evaluation reports

  • Codes Of Conducts

Quality control
  • Reports and evaluation certificates (ISO/IEC, external quality assessment EQA, etc.)
  • Accreditation and certification documents (SOP, GMP, GCP, etc.)

  • Technical sheets and regulatory, e.g. CSCQ, QUALAB, SSGM (Switzerland), EMQN and UKNEQAS (UK)

  • Instruction manuals

  • Documents concerning safety requirements in medical laboratories and establishments